Knight by Kristen Ashley

Hard to believe that it’s been over a year ago that I experienced my first book from Kristen Ashley. Experienced is exactly the right word because you don’t just read her books. Approximately 500 KAs later, I admire the hell out of this woman. I still say do not start with Knight (do as I say, not as I did) because it is so over the top and not representative of her usual addictive style.

Anyhow, wrestle your inner book critic into submission before you read Knight and enjoy. It’s a barrel of monkeys.

I loved the Motorcycle Club as well as the ‘Burg series. YAY! for Ashley’s working class heroes and heroines.

I’m totally flummoxed as to where to start with Knight. I rated it three stars at Goodreads because my manifesto over there says that I award stars based on the entertainment factor. OMG OMG did this ever entertain. Allow me to tell you about it and you decide if you can handle it, my friends.

  • Heroine Anya (get it? do you get it?) is all tits and ass and puffy lips and doe eyes. Mostly she nods and says “Okay, daddy.” Uh, Anya is not so smart.
  • Hero Knight Sebring is very rich. (do you get it now?) Knight owns the hottest, most happening nightclub in Denver. Later we find out that he “sells pussy.” Okay, well honestly he’s a crimelord.
  • Knight is a misogynistic caveman. Srsly.
  • BDSM!
  • Knight buys Anya a car. She says no, then accepts. He buys her a new wardrobe. She says, no, then okay, daddy. He buys her a business…
  • Anya’s besties are suspicious of Knight. Well, duh.
  • The language is sooooo crude. I didn’t get at least half of the slang. Or maybe it was just typos.
  • The writing is messy with punctuation and homonym errors and typos. However, repetition and never-ending, run-on sentences are crazy distracting. Oy.
  • Once I pictured Rocky Balboa and Adrian as Knight and Anya, I liked them much better.
Gosh, it was just awful and I loved it. Read it or don’t, but don’t tell anyone I recommended it. :-0
DARK MOON I ate it up once I got out of my own way.

What say you?

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