Aftershock by Jill Sorenson

Audiobook narrated by Piper Goodeve

I’m a thriller fan from way back and the thriller aspect of Aftershock is well-constructed, taut, suspenseful, and, well, thrilling. Being buried alive under a collapsed freeway with a bus full of violent felons isn’t exactly a stroll through Disneyland. I like that the earthquake occurs at the very beginning allowing the listener/reader to get to know the characters as they cope with disaster. Sorenson doesn’t sugarcoat the grim and gritty reality of the survivor’s plight. Garrett and Lauren as well as the cast of secondary characters are meaty enough to sustain this darn good thriller.

The villains are a bit on the eeee-villll, cartoon-y side, but I’m giving a pass on that. A more troubling concern is that once the intrepid band is rescued, the frenetic pace slows to a crawl. Everyone’s Huge Insurmountable Problems are resolved with some suspiciously good luck or maybe magic fairy dust. Oh well, it is primarily a romance. I got what I wanted from it.
Narrator Piper Goodeve was just not up to the task. I assumed she was new and inexperienced based on her uninspired performance. She is not. Goodeve has a substantial number of narrations under her belt. Nevertheless, here she sounds as if she’s reading the text cold and didn’t bother with any preparation. Our big commando hero Garrett is given a terrible frat boy voice. Poor guy. Both he and Sorenson deserve better.
I liked the story. THREE QUARTER MOON for Jill Sorenson. Piper Goodeve gets a lump of coal and an itty bitty QUARTER MOON.

What say you?

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