Ravished by a Highlander by Paula Quinn

Audiobook narrated by Carrington MacDuffie

Why is the image so large? Well, duh.

In 1685 Scotland highlander Robert MacGregor and his kinsmen happen upon a convent under attack by unknown soldiers, arriving just in time to rescue two lone survivors. Rob feels honor bound to take novice Davina and her guard Edward Asher to safety at Camlochlin, his family’s well-guarded keep hidden in the mists on the Isle of Skye. Asher confides to Rob that Davina’s life is at stake and she will continue to be hunted down by the King’s enemies. Davina’s true identity is a Big Secret, but the warning from the King’s Guardsman regarding the King’s Enemies is, well, a Big Clue. Rob and Davina, of course, fall in love and their romance along wih some interesting political goings on is what I enjoyed most. Rob is a big, strapping alpha highlander with a six pack of steel, flowing tresses, and eyes of blue. Davina is the most beautiful, sweetest, purist maiden ever. Davina is also quite the weeper; she even weeps tears of joy, but Rob seems to like it. And therein lies my problem. Quinn’s prose is wordy and florid, crossing into purple too often for my taste. This POV from a man bent on seduction and possession does not ring true in my world.

“…a forgiving, guileless angel spun from the harp strings of Heaven.”

This is what Rob is thinking when he’s about to crawl on top of her?

Narrator Carrington MacDuffie lays on the Scottish accent with a trowel. There is no shortage of doonas and dinnas. My jaw hit the floor, though, when enemy Dutch soldiers spoke with a Jersey Shore accent. I wouldn’t know a proper Dutch accent, but I suspect that dis, dem, and dose for this, them, and those just ain’t right. The longer I listened, the more cartoonish the accents sounded, detracting heavily from my ability to concentrate on the story.

I’ll give this a guarded recommendation if you’re in the mood for a hunky highlander and a maiden in need of a protector. The love story is sweet, the plot well-constructed, but in the end I didn’t love it and I didn’t hate it.

Grade C.

What say you?

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