Sleepwalker by Karen Robards

Audiobook narrated by Kate Rudd

Karen Robards has written some of my favorite books and I’ve long counted her as a favorite author. Sadly, those juicy books that stir my blood were written a long time ago.

Sleepwalker is romantic suspense that is lackluster in the romance department and short on the suspense. It has plenty of action — car chases and shootings and such — that fall flat. There are elements of romantic comedy that aren’t all that comedic. I can think of dozens of contemporary romances with cute bickering couples that are far more entertaining.

Nevertheless, we have Detroit detective Micayla Lange known as Mick Lange (which sounds amazingly like the name of an enormously popular UF heroine when spoken aloud, but never mind) hooking up with professional thief Jason Davis. They meet cute when Jason bungles an attempted burglary in the home where Mick is housesitting. The two go on the road together for some contrived reason, they bicker until they fall in love, and then bicker some more. And as long as we’re talking contrivances, Mick is the last person on earth to figure out that her beloved Uncle Nicco is a mobster. Sorry if that’s a spoiler but the clues are so hard to miss that most readers will know this long before the light bulb goes on for Mick.

Narrator Kate Rudd is fine. She doesn’t make it better nor does she harm it. Honestly, 24 hours after listening I had a hard time remembering enough to write a review. You might say I sleepwalked through it.

Grade C- for an uninspired book and C for a sleepy narration.


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