My Three Favorite Audiobooks of 2013

Selecting my favorite audio of 2013 was easy peasy. Mystery, suspense, action, and characters I loved spending time with. What’s not to love? Deadline written by Sandra Brown and narrated by Stephen Lang. My gushy review.



Second favorite was an easy call as well. After Hours written by Cara McKenna and narrated by Lucy Rivers. I loved the real-ness here. McKenna’s spare prose packs an emotional punch and Rivers’ reading is just right.



Third favorite has to be Mystery Man written by Kristen Ashley and narrated by Kate Russell. Kristen Ashley has finally come to audio! Yay for Kate Russell — she gets it. 



It was really a very good year for audiobooks. I listened to over 90 new productions and relistened to who knows how many old favorites. I’ll talk about more of my 2013 favorites in my next post. There are quite a few more I want to share!


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17 thoughts on “My Three Favorite Audiobooks of 2013

  1. Lupdilup and Felicia, thanks for setting up the blog hop and inviting me to participate. I’m excited about checking out my fellow audiobook bloggers’ favorites.

  2. I have not listened to After Hours but I did read it and I bet with the right narrator it was a good one, why you do this to me now I want to get it in audio to (and the budget does not allow). People really slept on this book and it was a good one, I thought it would have done better than it did. Great post.

  3. Thank you for the great audiobook suggestions. Miss B. has only recently started to listen to audiobooks and is always on the look-out for suggestions. She read AFTER HOURS and thought it was terrific!

    • Yes, I saw that After Hours was one of your top reads. It was a 5 star read for me as well before the audio came out. Listen to the narrator sample at Audible and see if you think Lucy Rivers is going to work for you. $2.99 is a great price.

      I started my audiobook addiction by listening to books I’d already read — sort of a guaranteed win/win — and it was a long time before I made the leap to audio only. Still with Whispersync pricing deals I often end up with both.

  4. I didn’t wait for the audiobook but read After Hours and it was very good. Have you tried any of the Lauren Dane audios that Lucy Rivers narrated? I’d really like to revisit the Brown Family series in audio but have seen some negative comments on it in the Goodreads group and the sample of the first one was just sort of “meh.” I’m wondering if she perhaps took some of the review feedback to heart in her more recent work. Your praise of her performance in After Hours tempts me to try some of her work.

    • If I had heard a Lucy Rivers narration before, it didn’t stick with me. I’m currently listening to her narrate another McKenna, Unbound, in which the hero has a low-pitched voice AND a Scottish accent. It’s working very well for me, especially with my new noise-cancelling headphones. These headphones enrich the voice and add intimacy. I wonder where they’ve been all my life.;-)

      I tried reading a couple of books in Lauren Dane’s Chase series and decided I wasn’t a fan of her writing, but I’ve heard some of her other work is better. I’m definitely intriqued with Lucy Rivers and will be looking for more of her work. She comes across as an experienced narrator who knows what she’s doing and she’s a good fit for Cara McKenna’s adult works. (I’m actively avoiding the new crop of NA narrators who sound too young to be narrating explicit content.)

  5. Audible has changed my life! Thank goodness I got an Apple Classic IPOD. Happy New Year from Oklahoma, USA. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  6. I’m glad I haven’t listened to any of these, now I have more books to make my 2014 an even better year for audiobooks 🙂
    Thank you very much for participating, looking forward to staying in touch, I love following audiobook fans 🙂
    Happy New Year!

  7. I LOVED both After Hours and Mystery Man when I read them the “with the eyeballs way”. Good to know they are also good audiobooks. I may have to download and listen to them so that I can experience them again in a different way!

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