Knight by Kristen Ashley

Hard to believe that it’s been over a year ago that I experienced my first book from Kristen Ashley. Experienced is exactly the right word because you don’t just read her books. Approximately 500 KAs later, I admire the hell out of this woman. I still say do not start with Knight (do as I say, not as I did) because it is so over the top and not representative of her usual addictive style.

Anyhow, wrestle your inner book critic into submission before you read Knight and enjoy. It’s a barrel of monkeys.

I loved the Motorcycle Club as well as the ‘Burg series. YAY! for Ashley’s working class heroes and heroines.

I’m totally flummoxed as to where to start with Knight. I rated it three stars at Goodreads because my manifesto over there says that I award stars based on the entertainment factor. OMG OMG did this ever entertain. Allow me to tell you about it and you decide if you can handle it, my friends.

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Honest Illusions by Nora Roberts

I wrote this review in 2004 of Nora’s 1998 Honest Illusions.  I need to read it again. 🙂

Honest Illusions is, quite simply, Nora Roberts at her best. And since romance novels don’t get any better than Nora at the top of her game, that’s saying something. When I first read this book as a novice romance reader in 1997, I was blown away. Oh, ding ding ding! So this is why my sister reads these books! Six years and a thousand plus romances later, I found myself just as enthralled the second time around. This one, oh baby, holds up.

Max Nouvelle is no everyday carnival side show magician. He is The Great Nouvelle, Conjurer Extraordinaire. So when his practiced eye spies scrawny, 12-year-old runaway Luke Callahan deftly picking pockets in his audience, what is Max to do but invite the boy for a post-performance chat?

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